Your #1 Dallas Real Estate Agent just got even better!  Now introducing RealVitalize!  The first ever "Make Ready" home service for Dallas Homeowners who are ready to sell their home and for Top Dallas REALTORS®!  This is a true game changer for selling your home fast!  Not to mention that it comes to you with no up front cost.  Plus, it's easy to use.  What could be better then that?  Coldwell Banker literally has every tool available for their Real Estate Agents.  Their is no wonder why we are to Best Real Estate Brokerage in Dallas!

Coldwell Banker Realty has teamed up with HomeAdvisor to bring you two of the best ways to increase your homes value!  Home Staging and Home Repairs are all within reach when you hire a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent to list your home for sale!  These services will set your home apart from all the other listings on the market.  Say goodbye to your outdated, lackluster home.  Say hello to a home that looks refreshed, and full of new life!  You'd be surprised how many homeowner just put their home on the market with little to no effort involved.  Many do so because the Dallas Real Estate Market is booming, but that can't last forever.  The market isn't always a Sellers Market.  Plus, as a homeowner you should always want to make an impression with your home.  You worked hard for it.

RealVitalize offers something new to the Real Estate Industry.  With no up front costs, 0% interest, and payment due at closing.  RealVitalize is easy to use.  Contact me today to find out more when wanting to sell your home fast, and for top dollar!

Home Staging

One of the most breathtaking and important items when selling a home is Home Staging!  Potential Homebuyers want to picture themselves in the home.  Of course a home is the main feature when buyers are touring a home, but staging really sets the scene.  It also helps to tell the story of a home. 

Staging is also important because it helps the buyer to picture how they might live in or use the home.  Many homeowners think that everyone will see the home as they do.  Or maybe after years of living in the home you have overlooked that the floorplan might not flow as well as you first thought when you bought it.  Maybe that is part of the reason why you are looking to upgrade to a bigger home.  Professional Staging helps to solve those issues.

Homes Stagers design homes for a living.  So they are able to get rid of all the personal items, solve problems, style a home, and make sure the everything feels cohesive.  This will help not only to make the home look nice in person, but it also helps to earn more money for the home!  Staged homes sell for more money.  That is why at Coldwell Banker Realty we offer Home Staging Services with no up front cost to home owners.  You simply pay at the closing table.  Most staging fees are on average $3,500 which is well worth the extra money that your home will sell for when staged.

I'm one of the Top Producing Real Estate Agents at my office!  I work with many homeowners, and builders.  Staging is a big part of my business plan.  So I am speaking from experience.  This resource helps take the hassle out when making the decision to sell your home.


Dallas Real Estate Home Staging


Home Repairs

It should go without saying that a home not only needs to be staged when selling, but also repairs need to be done. does!  You can't imagine how many homeowners I have met across the Dallas Metroplex that want to do zero work to their home when listing it.  

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