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Professionally photographing your home with high quality "Magazine Style Photos" is the best way to sell your home fast for the price that you want!  It is hands down one of the most important aspects of listing a home for sale in this busy Dallas Real Estate Market, and really in any real estate market.  Photos sell the home!  Period.

Pricing your home right, staging, and real estate photography are the trinity of getting a home sold.  Everything else is secondary to those three highly important things.  Price always has to be right.  Staging either has to be done or not depending on the layout of a home.  And photos no matter the price of the home have to be top notch.  Real estate photos of a listing have to make a statement.  They can make or break a listing. 

Whether you have a multi-million dollar listing or a charming bungalow, the home needs to have a story that will engage prospective buyers.  90% of all home buyers start the process of buying a home online.  Zillow is a prime example.  Many people who are just browsing the internet will hop on a site like Zillow, and looks at photos of a home for fun.  This means that buyers have to engage with a home emotionally from photos before they will step foot in your listing.  Real estate photos can bring casual home buyers off the sidelines, and into a home.  It's that simple.  Yet, not all Dallas Real Estate Agents understand that aspect of selling a home.  Many think that all real estate photographers put out excellent content.  Many don't even go to the photoshoot.  Some don't even photograph the whole home.  They put up just a couple of photos at random in hopes of peaking buyers interest.  Those are always the listings that sit on the market for months on end.

I spend a lot of time, and money on a photoshoot.  I clean the home, tend to the yard, adjust furniture, picture different angles that rooms can be shot at, find unique characteristics of the home to accentuate, re-photograph if images aren't right, work on edits, and spend hours adjusting the photos in MLS until they showcase the home in its truest form.  Not to mention that I am present for all photoshoots.  I even proof the photos before the photographer leaves to make sure an angle or opportunity isn't missed to capture the home.  Also, I include drone, 3D Virtual Tours, and video footage depending on the marketing campaign that is customized for each listing.

Full Package Media is my "Go To" for all my Real Estate Marketing Media.  The produce the best high quality photos, and media for all my listings no matter how big or small.  Full Package Media treats all my homes like they are a million dollar listing.  Which is important to me.  Not to mention that they are personable, and truly understand what makes a home pop.  You can tell they know what makes a home sell.  That is why I have been working with them for many years.  My average days on market to sell a home is less then 12 days.  I owe a lot of the credit to the "Magazine Quality Photos" that Full Package Media provides!

As one of the Best Real Estate Agents in Dallas, I have to work with the best!  Your home will always be treated with the best care as possible when hiring me.  That is my promise to you. 

Dallas Real Estate Agent and REALTOR - Professional Luxury Real Estate
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Alex Prins - Top Dallas TX REALTOR® & Dallas Real Estate Agent

Alex Prins Real Estate Agent - Compass