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Get A Cash Offer For Your Home!

Sell.  Buy.  Exhale.  There is nothing like selling your home for cash!  Gosh, it makes things so much easier for the homeowner and for the listing agent as well.  Cash is king in the Real Estate Market whether you live in Dallas or anywhere in the world.  Everyone loves the simplicity of cash when buying a home.  It makes things so much easier!  It gives the seller a little more piece of mind.  What's better then being able to receive a cash offer on your home before it hits the open real estate market while your Dallas REALTOR® tries to get you a higher offer through top notch marketing?!  Nothing.  If it sounds too good to be's not!

As a Top Dallas REALTOR® & Dallas Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker Realty I am able to offer you RealSure!  Just another one of Coldwell Bankers amazing real estate tools.  RealSure is the first home buying programs of its kind.  Yes, it's no secret that investors are snatching up homes to buy and resell.  IBuyer Programs have been the buzz for the past few years, but not like this.  Coldwell Banker offers a unique home buying experience.  

RealSure puts a cash offer in your hand before it even hits the market.  Our RealSure investors analyze, inspect, and run comps to make sure your home is a good fit before making a very competitive cash offer.  Then while you have the offer in your back pocket, your REALTOR® will market it for 30 days to see if we can beat the offer.  This is where RealSure differs from other IBuying Programs.  If the homeowner doesn't receive the offers they like then you simply take the cash offer you already have!  It's as simple as that!  RealSure gives you the piece of mind when getting ready to list your home!  So sit back, relax, and Get A Cash Offer Today!


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Alex Prins - Top Dallas TX REALTOR® & Dallas Real Estate Agent

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