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Dallas is one of the hottest Real Estate Markets in the nation!  Not only because of its unique homes and neighborhoods, but also for its diversity.  There are more then 1,350,000 people living in Dallas as of 2020.  Dallas is the third largest metropolitan city in Texas after Houston and San Antonio.  Covering 340 square miles.  Dallas has a vibrant economy home to many Fortune 500 companies including Exxon Mobile, McKesson, Texas Instruments, AT&T, and American Airlines.  More then 100,000 people relocate to Dallas every single year.  Many coming from California.  It part to our booming economy, high paying jobs, low cost of living, urban walkability, entertainment, arts, professional sports teams, LGBTQ population, transportation, and affordable home prices.  The median home sales price in Dallas is $260,000.  The average salary in Dallas is $69,000.

As one of the top selling Real Estate Agents at my office, I do a lot of relocation!  About 80% of all my business is relocation.  I love working with families that are ready to call the "Lone Star State" their home.  I have lived here for over 10 years, and everyday I seem to learn something new about the city.  Not just Dallas, but our surrounding cities as well.  The Dallas Metroplex has a little something for everyone.  Dallas is very urban which attracts a lot of millennials.  While Frisco is very suburban which attracts a lot of families.  I can help you move to any neighborhood in DFW!  

I love being a Top Dallas REALTOR® and Dallas Real Estate Agent because I get to work with a lot of different clients.  No two are ever the same.  They all come from different parts of the country, have different needs, and a different type of homes that they are looking for.  Each one has their own story.  Many move for jobs.  Some just want a change of scenery.  I'm ready to help them no matter what the reason is.  I always look forwarding to relocating someone to Dallas.  It makes my job that much more exciting.  I love Dallas Relocation!  I work non-stop from sun up to sun down until you find the perfect home!  So call me today to let the journey begin!


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Alex Prins - Top Dallas TX REALTOR® & Dallas Real Estate Agent

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