Top Dallas REALTOR® Offers Free Home Staging!

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Over the past 6+ years as one of the Best Real Estate Agents in Dallas I specialize in working with both buyers and sellers of residential real estate across the Dallas Metroplex.  However, I have built special relationships with developers, and home builders.  Many of them trust me to be their Listing Real Estate Agent for all their new homes.  In part because I have a good track record at selling all their homes that they ask me to list in an average of 21 days!  Thus turning me into a Listing Machine for luxury new homes! 

Dallas is one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation.  Home builders know this.  That is why they are building new homes at lighting speed to keep up with the demand.  So it should come to no surprise that I would want to be the "Go To" Real Estate Agent of choice when selling their beautiful new homes.  It takes a lot of hard work, but I've been proving myself to them over the years.  That is why I work with some of the Top Home Builders in Dallas!  And I'm always looking for more to work with.  I truly love everything about the process of building a new home.  Many home builders recognize this, and keep me involved with the planning and design choices.

That is why I have started not only adding free accent staging to my Real Estate Toolbelt, but I officially am adding Free Home Staging to all my builder and developer listings!  You heard it right!  Free Home Staging for new construction homes that I list!  No gimmicks.  

In order to be the best, you have to offer the best.  So that is why it is an honor for me to offer free staging services to my builders.  

I work with one of the best home stagers in Dallas, The Design Quad.  They offer some of the most beautiful, and hassle free home staging available.  They can make any home look beautiful!  Which helps the home not only sell faster, but for more money.  

If you are a luxury home builder who is looking for the Best Real Estate Agent in Dallas!  Then look no further!  I truly love what I do.  At Coldwell Banker Realty we offer the best market tools available.  In addition to my own unique touch.  Now Free Home Staging is a part of that!  Call me today when you are ready to list your next new project!

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