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Happy 4th Of July!  It's crazy to think that it is almost the middle of summer!  The hot Texas sun is the first indicator that it is July, but also the fact that families are relocating to Dallas before the new school season starts.  Which is always one of the busiest times of the year for buying a home.  Other then the Spring Season.  However, "Shelter In Place" due to COVID really threw a kink in that.  So this summer is double the work when you are a Top Dallas Relocation REALTOR®!

June and July are two of the hottest months for any Dallas Real Estate Agent.  You are hopping in and out of cars, battling 100+ degree weather, trying not to have your face melt off, and navigating the busy streets.  All while running a real estate business.  It can be hard work.  

Right now there is a lot of uncertainty.  Yet, real estate is still going strong.  June saw an increase in pending listings all ready to close for July.  While there isn't a sizable increase in home pricing, there is still a large number of closings.  July numbers are going to be big!  A lot of those are from families looking to relocate to Dallas.  Some of them are my own clients.  This year I am doing double the relocation transactions then ever before!

I have always relocated a lot of families to Dallas.  I work hard to be the local real estate expert by exploring Dallas, and continually educating myself on the many unique neighborhoods that make up the DFW Metroplex.  Also, I market myself in creative ways non-stop both locally, and globally.  So out of state buyers can feel confident when using me as their Real Estate Agent.  They have to know that they are in good hands.  That is why it is important to do your research when picking someone to find your dream home in a city or state that you may have never been to before.

I take being a Real Estate Agent very seriously.  I am responsible for the biggest financial decision that one may make in their entire lifetime.  Every waking moment I am focused on my career.  I work late hours, I constantly train on new real estate trends, I study contracts, I have many awards for being one of the "Best Real Estate Agents In Dallas", all my reviews are 5 Star Rated, I do press regularly, and I constantly push myself to be unique.  

Currently, I have over a dozen families that are either closing on a home, have recently closed, are inquiring about moving, or are actively searching for a home in Dallas.  All are from another state.  Most of them have never been to Dallas before, but they are wanting to lay down roots in Dallas.  Some are building a home in the Dallas suburbs.  Others are looking for a multi-million dollar home in the most luxurious neighborhoods Dallas has to offer.  While some want a vacation home in the posh Uptown area.  Yes, Dallas is a destination city!  Regardless, it gives me such joy that families trust me when buying a home!

Moving can be a stressful time, but it is also very exciting.  Everyone that I have moved to Dallas loves their home!  Call me when you are looking to relocate to Dallas.  You won't be disappointed you did!

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