New Luxury Homes For Sale In East Dallas!

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The real estate market in Dallas is starting to see more inventory hit the MLS.  With high interest rates still near 6%, many home buyers are still on the sidelines.  However, certain neighborhoods in Dallas are still seeing homes selling fast.  The Mount Auburn area in East Dallas is one of those areas.  

Mount Auburn which borders the Santa Fe Trail, Woodrow Wilson and Long Schooling District, has been very desirable for home builders since 2017.  There has been a large influx of multifamily and single family homes.  It's newest addition is 420 Grandview Avenue.  

420 Grandview Avenue has been in the work with my client, Now Homes, and myself since 2020.  We have been working together side by side to design this gorgeous single family home.  It boasts 3,100 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3.1 baths, and a large backyard.  

It is a gorgeous luxury craftsman style home from the exterior with a modern farm house style on the inside.  Tho it never veers too much in either direction.  It try's to take some elements of both styles that buyers tend to love while still appealing to anyone wanting to buy a modern home.  The exterior features a white and black color scheme with touches of natural wood.  Inside buyers will enjoy geometric themed gold and white wallpaper on featured walls, exposed oak wood shelves around the fireplace and in the kitchen, paint shades of sage green throughout, gray carpet in the bedrooms, white picket fence tile, and black alligator hexagon tile.  Also, there are touches of gold accents throughout, stainless steel appliances, black and gold light fixtures, and custom wood work.  

Grandview is the type of new luxury home that anyone will fall in love with as soon as they walk through the front door.  Now Homes, and I spend many long months planning out the floor plan, and well as adding personal touches throughout with the decor.  We put the primary bedroom down, and 3 bedrooms up.  The spare bedrooms have a large game room at the heart with a reading nook and wet bar.  We carefully planned out this home with a family in mind.  Tho, anyone will appreciate the layout.  

Even tho the real estate market has slowed, many families still have to buy a home.  Some are savy enough to take advantage of the lower home prices right now, and refinance in a few years.  

420 Grandview Avenue is priced at $875,000, and will be completed the beginning of February 2023.  I can't wait to show this home to everyone.  It truly has so much amazing attention to detail that will show just how much we loved building this home.

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