How To Become A Top Luxury Real Estate Agent!

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Over the past few years as a Dallas Real Estate Agent I have been focusing my sights on luxury real estate!  It has always been a dream of mine to sell million dollar listings in Dallas.  Not just any million dollar listings, but some of the most unique homes possible.  2020 changed that for me by making my dreams a reality.  2021 is turning out to be no different!

My sales for luxury homes bought and sold last year hit an all new high!  I am ranked in the top 5 in luxury home sales at Coldwell Banker Realty in Dallas!

Already this January of 2021 I have put over 2 million dollars worth of luxury homes under contract in just a few weeks!  I am projected to beat my recent sales my the end of the third quarter this year.  I could not be more excited or thankful.

Anyone can sell luxury real estate.  However, you have to not be afraid to just do it!  Having confidence and experience is key.  Then you just have to go out there and take it head on. 

I have pivoted my marketing to reach the most exclusive luxury neighborhoods like Lakewood, Highland Park, University Park, Devonshire, Preston Hollow and other areas of Dallas.  That way I can do my best to reach those potential new clients.  Then I lean in with my experience, but all while being myself.  I don't put on a front or pretend to be anything other then myself.  I don't wear a suit or drive a fancy car.  I let my work speak for itself.  Then I blow them away with my creativity. 

Being a Top Producing Dallas Real Estate Agent can mean many things.  It can be more traditional in the sense that you socialize in upscale places to meet new clients.  Perhaps you drive a flashy car.  However, that doesn't mean much if you aren't changing with that ever changing, fast paced real estate market.

Technology is always changing.  Which also changes how we find new clients.  It also means things change in how we market a luxury home.  My clients all appreciate that I use the amazing tools that Coldwell Banker Realty has.  They also appreciate how I choose to stand out from everyone else. 

My goal is to never fit in.  Maybe that comes from growing up gay, and never feeling like I fit in.  Now I embrace it.

2021 is going to be my biggest year in luxury sales.  That is unless another pandemic hits.  Call me for all your buying and selling needs!

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