Dallas To Be Top 2021 Real Estate Housing Markets!

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Love it or hate it, but Zillow have forever changed the real estate market!  Most recently with its announcement of opening their own residential real estate brokerages in select cities.  Zillow is here to stay....but not without providing much needed data on the housing market.  Which is very important to have as a consumer or Top Dallas Real Estate agent such as myself.  

Zillow is one of the largest search engines online for buying and selling a home next to the likes of Realtor.com.  They collect a lot of data and analytics that is valuable for predicting the top real estate market trends. 

Of course it would come to no surprise that Dallas is at the top of their most recent economists predictions for the hottest housing booms of 2021!  Thanks to historic low interest rates, strong homebuying demand from millennials, coronavirus vaccine approvals, and improved economic outlook.  These factors will drive the market for the next year.  

A recent Zillow survey ranks Dallas Fort Worth as the 6th hottest real estate market out of 20 cities in 2021!  Austin ranked first in the report provided by Jeff Tucker.  

In 2020 the Dallas metro area sold more then 119,000 single family homes by local real estate agents!  Which is a 10% increase from the year before.  With median home prices being up 7%. 

Many economists expect Dallas's housing market to beat out the nations average!

This news makes me so happy!  Everyday I am trying to grow my business during these uncertain times, and it has been very challenging.  

My sales last year were the best to date.  Landing me in the Coldwell Banker International Sterling Society!  I still have a lot of work to do.  My goal is to be the best Luxury Real Estate Agent in Dallas with the top sales at my office!  Call me for all your buying, selling needs!

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