Dallas Real Estate Won't Be Slowing Down This Fall

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I love this time of year!  As a Dallas Real Estate Agent who strongly dislikes showing homes in 102 degree weather.... I welcome the Fall!  The air outside smells of Fall leaves, and crisp air.  Not to mention the State Fair began this past weekend...and can we please talk about pumpkin spice lattes!  I love it all!

I normally enjoy a slowdown right now so I can enjoy being outside, but the real estate market in 2021 won't let me do so.  This year has been a record-breaking year in single family home sale.  Dallas Real Estate Agents like myself, and economists agree there are no signs of slowing down.  The market is still in full force. 

Across DFW home values have increased more than 14% this year, and with 3 more months left in 2021 that could increase.  Expectations for next year are looking only to be higher if you can fathom that.  Major real estate markets including DFW are projected to increase by 21.1% if experts are right.  

Buyers need to take advantage of this time as the Spring Home Buyers Season will bring higher home prices, and potentially higher interest rates.  Right now is the time to buy a home.  Not to mention that listings are starting to uptick.  There isn't a substantial amount of new homes being listed, but having more options for home buyers is much needed.  There is a sweet spot to buy right now.

Navigating through this market can be tricky.  A lot of buyers have been sitting on the sideline hoping for values to come down, but 2022 will bring only more inflation.  Home Sellers Need to put their homes up for sale if they have been thinking about it.  To give both relief to the low inventory, and to get buyers while they are not completely sticker shocked.  We could see a stand still where buyers do not want to pay the high asking prices.  Then we will start to head into a Buyers market.  Which tends to cycle every 4 years.  And we are approaching a 4 year cycle in 2023.

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