Dallas Real Estate Is Still Red Hot This Spring!

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Spring has sprung!  And the Dallas Real Estate Market is still Red Hot!

Texas is a haven for families fleeing cities with high taxes, tight COVID restrictions, and those wanting a better quality of life.  The most recent housing market reports prove that!  So, if you are thinking of making a career change to become a Dallas Real Estate Agent to get in on this surge of homebuyers, now is the time!  Homes are flying off the market within days of hitting the MLS.  With huge price tags to boot! 

Last month in April more then 10,152 single family homes were sold with an average of a $325,000 price tag.  That number of home sales is up 28% from the early days of COVID in 2020 when the world was literally shutting down last home buying season in April.  

Not only are single family homes hitting record sales numbers, but so are condos.  Condo sales have more then doubled in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex!

2020 was a rollercoaster of a ride, but 2021 is proving to be an even wilder one!  In many different ways.  In real estate terms, for the first 4 months of the year we have seen 33,381 single family homes sold by local Dallas Real Estate Agents.  Which is an increase of 7% from last year. That number is predicted to tick upwards as long as more inventory starts to hit the market.

It should come to no surprise that Dallas welcomes all these new relocation families, first time home buyers, and anyone who is setting down roots here.  Dallas has so much to offer.  Our city is constantly growing.  There are new villages with shops, and parks popping up around Dallas to cater to the needs of the locals.  

As a Top Dallas Real Estate Agent I am so happy to see so many people moving here.  However, we can not keep this up forever with the demand of homebuyers. Over 120,000 people were added to the metroplexes population last year. 

This means that prices are soaring with the higher volume of people moving here, and the lower number of inventory available.  Which is a good thing.  That means bigger paychecks, but it also means inflation.  Homeowners are going to have to stay in their home longer to see that money back when selling.  It also means that homebuyers are moving into homes that might not have been their dream home...they just needed a home.

The market will come down.  It's just a matter of when.  Analysts predict around the next presidential election cycle.  Which is normal.  About every 4 years the market shifts.  So, in about 2 years we might be seeing a more balanced or buyers market!  Call me for all your buying and selling needs. 

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