Dallas Housing Market Could Boom With Bullet Train

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A huge milestone was just passed by the Texas Supreme Court with Texas Centrals High Speed Bullet Train being named a railroad!  This means that Texas Central can use eminent domain in order to gain access to the last bits of remaining land between Dallas and Houston.  Which is one of the last large hurdles in the way to make this train a reality.  Who wouldn't want to connect Dallas to Houston?

Texas has been talking for years about a bullet train from Dallas to Houston.  Passengers would be able to cut a 3 hour plus drive in half with a mere hour and a half dart across Texas!  Two of the nations largest cities and economies would become one huge metro!  This would be a huge boom to our housing market!  People would flock to Dallas to be a part of this.  It would be a huge infrastructure project.  Real Estate Communities would start to pop up near the hubs so commuters could easily have access to the train for work or school.  It would create 10,000 jobs during construction.  With 1,000 full time permanent jobs to operate the train.  Nothing like this has ever been done before in our counties history.  The possibilities would be endless.

Now, we aren't out of the woods yet.  This motion could still be appealed by lawmakers, but we are making progress.  A bullet train project like this doesn't exist in Texas or really anywhere in the United States so classifying the train as a railroad was a big move so Texas Central can navigate through the remaining process, and approvals.  

Texas always does everything big.  Including our Real Estate Market.  That is one of the reasons I became a Dallas Real Estate Agent.  I knew if I worked my tail off then I could make a name for myself.  Our housing market has always been healthy since we have moderately priced homes, no income taxes, fair weather, and booming economy.  Which makes the perfect climate for families to relocate to Dallas.  Having a high speed train would make us the "Boom Of The South"!  This Real Estate Agent would be down for the ride!  Maybe I could start selling homes down in Houston!  It would be possible if this finally gets approved!

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