Best Real Estate Broker To Work For In Dallas!

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My Real Estate Brokerage, Coldwell Banker Realty, is the Best Real Estate Brokerage to work for in Dallas!  We have the best tools, and resources hands down to make any Dallas Real Estate Agent successful!  Our brokerage only hires the best talent in real estate.

Coldwell Banker is almost 120 years old, and every year they are staying at the cutting edge of technology by adding more tools for its agents.  Most recently adding artificial intelligence to the mix to predict when home owners will be ready to sell their home, and in order to predict where buyers may come from for targeted marketing campaigns.  Not to mention that Coldwell Banker is changing its image for a more younger and vibrant generation.  One that is luxurious, trendy, and appeals to both Baby Boomers and Millenials.  After all, those two generations are the largest which make up the majority of Real Estate Agents currently working.  

As one of the Top Selling Real Estate Agents at my office who has been doing this for more then 6 years, I have been around the block.  I have worked for many types of brokerages.  Each year in the business I grew my business a little bit more.  However, once I moved to Coldwell Banker it exploded.  This year I am ranked #4 in sales on projection to triple my sales from the year before!  This is huge!  Coldwell Banker is hands down the Best Real Estate Brokerage. 

In addition to being the most recognized brand in Real Estate, their reach is both local and global!  Reaching affluent buyers and sellers all over the world.  Not to mention access to the Top Producing Real Estate Agents anywhere.  Which helps when listing the most posh luxury homes.  This due in part to their Global Luxury division.  Selling the best luxury mansions, and estates.

Coldwell Banker does this by creating relationships not only with its agents, but also by partnering with other companies like Zip Realty, Amazon, Zillow, Guaranteed Rate Mortgage, ATT, Wealth Engine, and many other top companies.  This helps get our brand in the hands of anyone looking for a REALTOR.  Also, helps gives the agents special opportunities, tools, and alliances.  

I want to be the Top Producing Real Estate Agent in Dallas!  I know I can't do this alone.  I have to have a brokerage that will back me up!  Coldwell Banker does that!  Call me when buying or selling a home.

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