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I have worked very hard over the past 8 years to be one of the Best Real Estate Agents in Dallas!  It has come with many ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I plan on being a Real Estate Agent for the next 30+ years!  Working at Coldwell Banker Realty has been the biggest part of that!  They give me the best real estate tools, confidence, and support for the job!

8 years ago I hit rock bottom, and decided to become a REALTOR®.  It was a very scary time in life.  However, I was excited to start a new chapter.  Real Estate was always something that I liked.  So I decided to take a big leap forward.  Becoming a business owner was always a dream of mine.  

Being a Real Estate Agent means that you run a full business like any other.  You have to set goals, make a mission that you live by, promote yourself non-stop, work well with others, and plan for the future.  Right now there is a lot of uncertainty in the market with COVID19 Coronavirus, but we will bounce back strong then ever.  Reports are already out showing that there is a lot of pent up demand, low interest rates, low inventory, and new construction projects moving ahead of schedule!  So the real estate market is expected to see a surge this Summer and Fall!  Now is the time to start planning even while staying at home.

When I first started working in the Dallas real estate market I didn't know what I was doing.  Even today I still feel that way, but I don't ever give up.  Over that past few years I have been nominated for many awards for Best Local Real Estate Agent and Best Local Business.  I have also won awards at Coldwell Banker for having top sales at my office both yearly and monthly.  It all means so much to me to see the fruits of my labor.  All my clients have left countless 5 Star Reviews on Google for the good service that they received which brings me so much joy.  Also, I have been featured in numerous publications like The Wall Street Journal, New York Times,, U.S. News, and many more.  

Even in uncertain times I am always trying to slay the "real estate beast."  It takes a lot of hard work.  Even as one of the Top Real Estate Agents in Dallas I have huge shoes to fill.  I by no means am one of the top selling agent in Dallas.  Those agents have sales in the hundreds of millions, but I strive to be like them one day.  Not for the money, but so I can make those around me proud.

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