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2020 has been the year of relocation!  Families are moving to Dallas in droves despite the restrictions from Shelter In Place.  Thanks to Real Estate being considered an Essential Business.  So, that includes every day Dallas Real Estate Agents such as myself.  This year I have moved more families than ever before!

80% of all my buyers are relocating here from states such as California!  Even before the Global Pandemic started I was working as one of the Top Relocation REALTORS in Dallas!  I have moved many families to the Lone Star State due to our booming real estate market, and low taxes!  Dallas has prided itself on having one of the best economies in the nation.  Our low taxes, cooperated headquarters, banking jobs, medical industry, development, and reasonable cost of living bring families from all over the world to the Dallas Metroplex.  That is why I work non-stop to reach those families who are needing to buy a home.

As one of the Top Producing Real Estate Agents at my office it is important not only to specialize in listing homes, but to be an expert on all the neighborhoods in Dallas.  This is how I am able to educate buyers from out of state who may have never been to the Metroplex before.  A lot of them have never even been to Texas.  So, I have a lot of pressure to make sure that I guide each family to the right home.  Regardless, of their budget.  I must treat everyone as equal. 

All of the families that I have moved to Dallas have been wonderful to work with.  Almost all of them found their dream home.  Only a few decided not to move here.  Mainly because they did not accept their job offer.  However, all of the ones that bought a home with me have left 5 Star Rated Reviews for my services.  They all helped vote me as the Best Relocation REALTOR in Dallas!  Please call me for all your buying and selling needs. 

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