A Housing Boom Could Be Coming For Dallas!

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A Housing Boom Could Be Coming For Texas!  And I could not be happier!  As one of the Best Real Estate Agents in Dallas who specializes in New Construction Home Sales, this is like music to my ears.  A report from Homes USA for the amount of days a new home spends on market was just published for the month of June 2020.  

In the report published by Homes USA the analysis shows that new homes in Texas are spending less days on market for the 9th month straight!  With an increase in pricing!  Which I can attest to both.  I list a lot of new construction homes in Dallas with different developers and builders.  Even with Shelter In Place all my new construction listings sold in less than a month.  One spent only 3 days on market!  Not to mention that multiple new homes in some of my favorite neighborhoods have gone under contract or sold in just a few weeks.  Many of those homes in up and coming areas over the million dollar mark!

The information in the report is pulled from Multiple Listing Services across Texas.  Including North Texas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.  The average days on market in June for a new home was 103 days in June statewide.  In Dallas we saw on average only 97 days on market!  Coming in 3rd place out of all the metro areas in Texas.  Austin and San Antonio out paced us, but only by a day or two.  It was neck and neck!  Top 3 still works for me!

I love being a Texan, and calling Dallas my home!  Running my own real estate business can be scary at times.  Throwing COVID into the mix has not been very fun.  There are many uncertainties going on right now, but one thing is for certain.  That is to never underestimate Texas!  We do everything bigger here!  We aren’t going to let a global pandemic hold us down!  As many people are recovering seeing this report is a very good sign of things to come.  

Right now rates for buying a home are below 3%.  They are practically giving away money.  A lot of that has to do with stimulating the economy.  Yet, housing inventory is very low.  In some parts of Dallas the inventory is the lowest I have seen in 8 years as a REALTOR®.  However, builders are stilling moving full steam ahead on building new homes.  That has something to do with this report that was released.  Homes are still being built while older homes are not entering the market as fast.  Last week I met with a developer who wants me to list 8 new homes for him.  In addition to 4 that I am planning on listing later this year.  Fall 2020 is going to be busier then ever!  So to all the home builders in Dallas and abroad....keep it up!  We are ready for you!

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